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The World Follows China In Mobile Technology

China has the world’s largest mobile phone customer base. Although the market seems to be stagnant in the country, there is still a lot of scope for up gradation of handsets and embracement of new advanced technologies. The growth rate of Chinese mobile phone market is next only to the upcoming Asian giant, India. The reason for these huge markets in both these countries can be attributed to one thing and one thing only, population. Although most mobile phone companies have installed a manufacturing plant in Chine to minimize the production cost, the scope for the mobile technology does not stop there. This penetration of smart mobiles into almost every household of the nation has not only provided the opportunity for an inroad in the technology up gradation market but has actually opened the flood gates for new mobile based e-commerce.

The WeChat is at forefront of this burgeoning revolution. It has not only been a vanguard of this new technology in China, it has also mastered it. Strictly speaking, in the business terms it has all the advantages of a pioneer but none of the disadvantages as it is constantly redefining itself in this ever-changing domain. Today, the cross-platform instant messaging app has more than 700 million active users that are fast building up to the size of Whatsapp. It is to be noted that the customer base of the former is predominantly Chinese while that of the latter is all over the world. So the “Chinese Whatsapp”, as it is fondly called by marketers has a more concentrated presence in the mainland.


Whatsapp has recently changed the privacy policy and has entered into an agreement with its new parent company, Face book to improve the experience of the users by providing individual specific targeted advertising. However, the Chinese counterpart has proceeded light years away in almost forming a new mobile based eco-system that has integrated instant messaging, e-commerce, customer relationship management and even mobile based payment technology. This has enabled the company to get into memorandum of understanding with e-bay and other prominent companies to open a new e-commerce platform called WeChat mart. This new proposition has not only benefitted the customers but also the marketers and companies that try to make inroads in the Chinese market.