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The Best E-Cig Brand for 2017

E cigarettes are steadily rising in popularity so it is not surprising that there are a lot of brands and styles to choose from.

If you’re looking for a substitute for smoking tobacco or even if you’re already experienced with vaping, it’s important to choose an e cig that is best suited to you.

Here are some things to consider:


Cigarette smoking has been proven to be seriously bad for your health. There should be a choice in an e cigarette as to the amount of nicotine you want if any at all, however even nicotine infused vapour does not contain the harmful chemicals that are in cigarettes.


One of the great things about vaping is the variety of flavours to choose from. The e-liquids can either contain nicotine, or be nicotine free. If you opt for nicotine, there are basically three strengths: low (6 mg and below) for light smokers, medium (9 to 16 mg) for half a pack up to a whole pack a day smokers, high (18 to 36 mg) for over a pack a day smokers.


The amount of vapour or “smoke” that an e cig produces is very important to some users.


Even though e cigarettes are more economical than regular cigarettes, it’s important to find something that suits your budget.

Style and Size

Mini e cigarettes are the smallest e cigarettes and are very similar to a real cigarette in shape and size. Some of them are larger so they can accommodate a larger battery. Even with a slightly larger battery they would still need to be charged frequently, probably daily.

There are also disposable e cigarettes available that come with a certain number of “puffs”, and there is no need to worry about charging them.

Vape pens, or e cigarettes are the most popular choice. They are larger, about the length of a pen. This means they can hold a larger battery so the charge will last longer.

There are also box mods, which are e cigarettes that can be modified to each individual user’s preferences. These are more for the experienced users.

Taking all of the above into consideration, there is no question that V2 Electronic Cigarettes has what it takes to be the best e cig brand for 2017.

They offer a large variety of sizes and modern looking styles of e cigarettes to meet various needs. There are starter kits in a wide range of competitive prices.

Not only is there an array of e-liquids to choose from, but the strength of nicotine can be chosen from strong to zero. There are tempting flavour families such as tobacco, mint, fruits and sweet indulgences. The vapour production is very good as well.

The V2 Pro Series is an innovative line of vapourizers that supports not only e-liquid, but loose leaf and wax as well.

The V2 Pro Series 3 may be a good choice for you if you are new to vaping and want something simple. It is small, and has a simple cartridge system that connects easily with magnets. It detects automatically what you are smoking (loose leaf, wax or e-liquid) and chooses the best setting. The battery should last a day, and you can also vape while it is charging. The vapour production is good.

V2 have also come out with EX batteries which are quite sleek but can deliver 300 puffs and also have a power meter to monitor your power level.

V2 is well known for the performance and reliability of their products and has received some great reviews.
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