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Buying Excellent cctv Singapore

If you have determined to install cctv in your home then you must be aware of the features and also search for a reliable shop which offers excellent cctv Singapore.

Horizontal resolution

The sharpness of the image comes from the number of image lines in combination with the number of pixels. The more image lines, the more pixels are horizontal. The standard in the market is now around 420 lines.

Minimum illumination

Brightness is indicated for cameras in Lux. The lower the value, the less light a camera needs. For example, moonlight is 0.3 lux. If the Lux value is 0, the camera can give a picture in complete darkness. This is often in combination with infrared LEDs that are built into the camera. In the case of darkness, the camera then displays images, albeit to a certain range (depending on the strength of the LEDs).

Spring type

The lens of a camera determines the viewing angle. The lower the value the wider the angle. 6mm is the most commonly used standard with a viewing angle of 60 degrees. For smaller spaces, a wider viewing angle is often better. A 3.6 mm lens gives an angle of almost 90 degrees and can cover up to 1 space. Remote cameras are often equipped with a high value such as 12mm. This gives an angle of about 35 degrees, making the detail at a distance more visible. With a varifocal lens you can determine the viewing angle yourself. This can be from 90 to 30 degrees.

Reliable Singapore home improvement

In museums and galleries, the paintings are hung in such a way that their middle was at a height of 145 to 152 centimeters from the floor. (For most people, the term “at eye level” means exactly this height of the hanging.) You should do the same. In a room with high ceilings you might think that the picture should be hung higher. But do not forget that in the first place you must take into account the proportions of the person, not the premises.

If you are not sure, take a picture of the wall and consult with reliable Singapore home improvement expert. You cannot even imagine how much the photo can show! Print a photo or use Photoshop or another application to paint a picture on top of a photo. This will give you an idea of ​​the size of the picture on the wall, where to hang it and whether it is needed at all. Sometimes a house plant looks out of nowhere better than a work of art.

Learn how to correctly place furniture on the carpet

There are three basic ways to arrange furniture on the carpet. All inside If the carpet is large enough; you can arrange all pieces of furniture “inside” the carpet. This method creates the richest kind. If you are striving for this, then the more carpet, the better. However, do not forget to leave 30 to 45 centimeters of free space on each of the four sides of the carpet.